Wednesday, September 09, 2009 

Local Phone Chat Line Dates

Blair from Portland writes...

Being single was starting to get old fast so I decided to figure out how to get a date. I was so tired of dead-end dates, snotty girls and bitchy women. I don’t date at work that could be a disaster. I asked out my barista and felt like an idiot. It was obvious I needed a better way to meet someone. I looked at all the options; personal ads, dating services, online chatrooms, they all were so average. Boring people talking about themselves... yawn! I never had any luck and it seemed like a waste of time. I'm easy to talk to and all that, I just don’t have any way to meet women. I work, I come home, I sleep... it seemed like a bad pattern starting to emerge. Then I did a web search for smart dating options and found your free phone chatrooms listed in my area. I called several of your phone chatrooms and found them to be really lively!! So many people from around here. It was really super easy to find someone on the phone chatrooms. After connecting we talked forever! After about 3 weeks of chat line calls we decided to meet.. OH-OH... I gotta go!!