Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

5 Places not to Visit on a First Date

by TW Jackson

It makes complete sense that you're interested in a first rate first date. If you want to keep things on the up and up in order to ensure that your first date with someone new goes off without a hitch you'll want to consider avoiding the following places when going out with someone new.
1)Movie theaters. Watching movies is great and there is a time for that. That time, though, is not on a first date. Why? The reason movies are a bad idea on a first date is this: they don't allow much time for talking. Your first date is a "getting to know you" experience. It's hard to really get to know much about a person in a dark theater where you can't even talk to each other. Save the movie going for later on in the relationship when you can better appreciate a couple of hours worth silence.

2)Weddings. Talk about high pressure. This is simply not the place to take someone on a first date. It introduces them to far too many questions, comments, questioning looks, and insinuations. It can also deliver the wrong message or worse the right message. The first date is not the right time to even introduce the notion of marriage and should be avoided if at all possible.

3)Family events. This is another high pressure situation for the both of you (whether you realize it or not). You want to have a solid relationship with someone before making introductions to the family. This is often something that is reserved for those who are in an established relationships and once again provides the opportunity for assumptions and expectations to be made.

4)Singles bars. This is a bad move for many reasons. Singles bars send the signal that you're still on the marketing and looking for someone else. If you're on a date you need to go somewhere getter suited for people who are already dating than one that is designed to help people "hook up" instead.

5)Rock concerts. There's nothing quite like loud music, smoke, and blinking lights to set a a romantic stage, right? Not exactly. Your first date should be about an opportunity to get to know each other, talk, and be heard. A rock concert might be great for an entertaining evening it's just not a great locale for a first date. There's just no way around it.

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